Climate Change Conference In Crisis

I wonder what, if anything, will be achieved at Copenhagen?

Surely this is the ultimate failure of our system of government.  Our so-called leaders can’t agree on anything except the need to protect their own economies.  Those of us who believe in the reality of mankind-created climate change have to have faith that we will find a solution .  The alternative is hopelessness.

There is no evidence that we will find a solution.  Perhaps we have the technological capability but do we have the ability to work together across the world?

Hemp is a great hope for the future.  If every nation was to devote one-fifth of its available agricultural land to hemp, the world’s entire energy requirement could be met by biofuel with huge additional benefits in lack of pollution and toxic byproducts..


Obama Relaxes On Medical Marijuhana

Coming from the man who openly admits he “inhaled frequently” when a youngster, perhaps this is not such surprising news.  14 US states already permit medical marijuhana despite its use being against federal law.  There have been many instances of the FBI raiding those growing or using marijuhana under the auspices of local legislation.  Obama has ended all this at a stroke.

Perhaps more significant is the American Medical Association has now reversed its long standing opposition to medical marijuhana and is actively seeking to define and clarify a new policy.

Realistically it looks possible that medical marijuhana will become legal throughout the States.  When that happens Britain will find it hard not to follow.

Britain Cuts Down Forests To Burn Green Power

The catastrophic idiocy of our use of the world’s resources is well illustrated by Robin Pagnamenta’s article in the Times of 16th November.  See here for the full article.

Once again the government has failed to listen properly to the expert advice of scientists. What can be the connection between Professor Nutt’s advice on cannabis and the scandal of shipping the rainforest to Britain for burning?

It is hemp, the industrial variety of cannabis.  An ecologically superior crop that would produce many more tons of biomass and produce it locally, in virtually any soil, without any pollution at vastly less cost than timber.  It is an almost magic solution that could be implemented tomorrow and would revolutionise the agricultural and energy industries in our country.

Hemp is illegal and demonised by our politicians as a “lethal” drug.  In fact, it is a benign, natural product that across thousands of years has been one of the principal crops of virtually every recorded civilisation.  It was made illegal in the early part of the 20th century when the early investors in the oil industry realised the danger it posed.  After all, Henry Ford designed the Model T to run on ethanol produced from hemp.

So instead of the obscene vision of great ships carrying raw timber all the way across the Atlantic at huge cost from Brazil to the UK, let us look for a solution that makes sense.  Hemp is probably the most vigorous, fast growing crop on the planet.  It offers a viable, green future producing biomass for energy.

We have no more time left for the sort of crazy behaviour that Robin Pagnamenta’s article reveals.  Our decisions on energy must be rational, based on science and common sense.

A Private Word from Victor Hamilton (CEO; Environ Biofuels)….

Before the concept of Environ Biofuels came about I was involved in a lengthy campaign to draw the government’s attention to the tens of billions in revenue that disappears into the pockets of drug racketeers every year. My aim was to persuade government to acknowledge that the only viable and effective way of dealing with this problem was to legalise Cannabis and make it a luxury, taxable commodity. In short: keep the money in this country. I stood as a candidate in the 2005 General Election for the then Legalise Cannabis Alliance and poled the largest number of votes ever given to any UK political candidate campaigning on the legalisation issue.

During this campaign I began to expand my research and knowledge of Cannabis and realised that Cannabis Hemp had a great deal to offer British agriculture. Indeed I was surprised to learn that, at one time, Britain had been one of Europe’s largest Hemp growers and that Hemp had been an integral part of British agriculture. Today Hemp is one of China’s major export crops and it is estimated that Chinese Hemp is closely connected to approximately 60% of world trade. Britain is one of China’s largest hemp customers, which begs the question, if we can grow it at home then why import it from elsewhere?

Environ was set up to highlight Hemp as a possible answer to some of the environmental issues we are all facing and, I believe, is the only viable alternative to petroleum as a fuel for our future. Hemp produces a clean burn ethanol that does not pollute, creates no toxic by-product or run off and, in the long run, will prove more reliable and sustainable in our rapidly changing climate. Financially Britain can only gain, both in terms of the massive savings that domestic Hemp cultivation will bring to our economy and the new jobs that domestic cultivation will create. The revitalisation of our economy is paramount and I genuinely believe that Hemp will have a major part to play in all our futures.

Whilst the media debate about the criminalisation of medical cannabis users continues to create controversy, America’s President Obama has relaxed federal laws to permit cannabis prescriptions in 14 states, so might it not seem appropriate that a similar relaxation of the law is applied in this country?

What do you think? Add your comments below, Oh just before I go – let me ask you one more question – if I removed one of your lungs would you not find it difficult to breathe? If Britain continues with this policy of cutting down trees for biofuel, we won’t have any lungs so how will any of us breathe?